Cutters Care

How to Care for Your Contour Cutters

  • Please handle cutters with care. Do not bend or press walls of cutters together. 
  • Do not press down on cutters with an excessive amount of force, just enough to press through the clay.
  • Clay may get into the side “seams” of your cutter. This is just how cutters are created that allows clay to get into those cracks. This should not affect the cutter’s performance nor your clay. Tips for keeping this from happening would be to use a non-porous material like glass or tile to cut your cutters on. Or you can also use Saran Wrap to wrap to cover your clay. 
  • 3D cutters have what is called a “z seam.” It is where each layer starts and stops. I try to sand these away but it’s possible some slip through. You simply need to sand it down with sand paper, being careful of the cutting edge while doing so.
  • Cutters can be washed in warm water. Please do not put in the dishwasher.